Trump’s unlikely win and why it’s a blessing in disguise


When entire Hollywood banded together this past month to aggressively campaign for Hillary, I admit my hope faltered. Jay and Bey did a concert rally and a host of other celebrities hashtagged #ImWithHer, pledging their allegiance to the media darling, Hillary. The first female presidential candidate; at that, a neocon under investigation by the FBI, evil with a good poker face…

Amid the confused voices clamoring to have their say, one voice stood out. A short video of Susan Sarandon made the rounds on the internet, and I vibed. When asked whether she wanted a woman to take office, Susan said “I want the right woman.” That about sums up this presidential race. Hillary is not the right woman.

That said, I doubt Trump is the right man. We can probably all (except Hollywood nitwits) agree that neither is the right person for this particular job. And when such a situation arises we are relegated to choosing between the lesser of two evils. Which in this case would be Trump. Let me tell you why.

Donald Trump is so ridiculous its almost laughable. How he made it this far, only God can say. He’s complete lack of self-awareness and inability to open his mouth without gravely insulting huge groups of people is appalling. He’s not presidential. We can all agree he is sexist, detrimental to the ongoing fight against rape culture and for LGBQT rights. He probably has racist inclinations. He’s a hot mess. The media has done a pretty perfect job of portraying him as such and emphasizing just how much of a mess he really is.

Then there’s Hillary. She’s been portrayed as nothing but a stoic, calm, well-intentioned pioneer of female rights. The darling of the mainstream media and the left, here to break glass ceilings and push America into a new age. Yet the perils of another Clinton in the White House, whilst not as glaringly obvious as Trump’s deficiencies, are undeniable, scary and potentially devastating to the world. Here’s few things she’s done that might drive the point home, unless your white horse of self-entitlement is too comfortable a place to peer down on Trump supporters from.


  • When Libyan ‘dictator’ (the term is used loosely as Gadaffi helped Libya grow socially and economically for many decades, but was vocally anti-American) was killed, the US government claimed it was to ensure the safety of the Libyan people. Libyans needed to be freed from the shackles of Gadaffi’s rule, they claimed. This guise of humanitarian intervention actually hid a much more sinister motive, as revealed by Hillary’s private email server, a gift that keeps on giving. Gadaffi has nationalized the Libyan oil trade, which skyrocketed the GDP and his next step was to create a unified African currency, backed in gold. This new currency would become central to the oil trade and Libya, and in turn Africa, wouldn’t be as reliant on the American dollar. Bad move, Gadaffi. The Americans didn’t like that. It’s all right there in the email titled “France’s Client and Gadaffi’s Gold.” Amy Schumer, famous idiot and utter airhead, said that Trump supporters kept going on and on about ‘the emails’ but in reality they knew nothing about them. We beg to differ Amy. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean we don’t. In the age of readily accessible information, remaining ignorant is a choice. Maybe if you’d read them you’d be better equipped to speak on the topic. She stood by as Libya descended into chaos. She even said “we came, we saw, he died.”
  • When Chris Stevens, American ambassador to Libya, and his entourage called from Benghazi to request additional security as they felt unsafe, making the request an estimated 600 times, Hillary shrugged it off. Four Americans died, including Stevens who was beaten, tortured, sodomized and dragged through the streets. Nice one Killary. Watch videos of her being questioned on it, where she laughs and claims Stevens was a ‘joker’ and she thought it was all a big joke.
  • Shes a known liar. From lying about the super simple stuff, like that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who became famous six years after Hillary’s birth, to claiming she was under sniper fire in Bosnia when videos show her strolling through leisurely, to claiming she was turned down form the Marines in 1975, everything Hillary says is probably a lie. If Hillary said the sky was blue, I’d still be inclined to double check.
  • As Secretary of State, Hillary approved $165 billion dollars worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations who’s governments have funded the Clinton Foundation. That is double the value approved by the State department during George W. Bush’s term. Some of the receiving governments are those of Oman, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are known for funding Islamic terrorist groups Hillary claims to be fighting, and who have perhaps the poorest women’s rights track record in history of the world. But she’s a feminist huh? Why? Because she happens to be female.
  • Furthermore, as Secretary of State, Clinton authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation. This was a 143% increase in deals compared to the same time frame in the Bush administration. To whom? The same countries you associate with “terrorism” “extremism” “oppression of women”… These same countries are now using those same weapons to continue to fund Islamic terrorist groups (yes, she explicitly states she knows that Saudi and Qatari government are clandestinely funding ISIS) and armies that are mass bombing Yemenis.
  • She’s not a champion of the people. She is funded by extremist governments and Wall Street. She doesn’t care about you. She has Goldman Sachs in her pocket. She sucks up to Big Pharma. She stands at the podium claiming she knows what you need in her $20k coat. Maybe Amy Schumer can relate, but I can’t.
  • She goes back on what she said. She is an unrepentant supporter of American interventionism. She is militant. She believes America has a pivotal moral responsibility to remain involved in global affairs, but the rest of the world is begging for America to pull back. The Clinton administraton bombed Serbia in 1999; no, not the military outposts, civilian buildings, water sources, electricity sources, government buildings in the CBD… She was a forever supporter of the Iraqi war in which some 180,000 people perished.

God Hollywood, I wish you’d all stick to what you know. Singing, dancing, acting… Stop telling us your political opinions. Stop peddling unsolicitied, uneducated opinions because #LoveWins and #YoureWithHer. It is so egocentric because it only focuses on social issues within America, ignoring the turmoil the rest of the world has been experiencing at America’s feet. Ignoring the death and destruction of the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe… Stop throwing temper tantrums and shedding tears at the president-elect. Yes, Hillary has a more presidential demeanor. She is more politic, cautious, diplomatic… She’s definitely more likeable. But Hillary has been far, far more destructive to the world that Donald Trump could be if he won the second term and fucked every single day of the eight years up to the maximum.



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